My wife showed me this article last night.  Apparently, two middle school kids in Framingham had to gummibar-1618073_1280be hospitalized after ingesting marijuana-laced “edibles” on the school bus.  This is exactly one of the scenarios we’ve been warning about with the new legalization of recreational marijuana.  The pot industry deliberately infuses candy in order to attract children, and it does so with potent forms of marijuana.  That’s one of the reasons why we have not given up the fight on this issue.  MFI is continuing to work with legislators, activists, church leaders and concerned parents on strategizing how to keep pot shops out of our communities.

Earlier this week, I was asked to once again appear on NECN news and be a voice for the pro-family movement.  This time, they wanted me to talk about Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination for U.S. Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 3.18.27 PMAttorney General.  Compared to the heads of the justice department under the current administration, Senator Sessions will be a tremendous improvement.  We will see an end to the federal government suing nuns who don’t want to pay for abortions, threatening school districts who don’t want their young girls showering with gender confused boys and giving Planned Parenthood a free pass on their selling of baby body parts.  An Attorney General Jeff Sessions will uphold the law, defend the life of the unborn and the privacy rights of women and children, and protect religious liberty.

One area I didn’t get to discuss during the interview was an issue on which Sessions (a Republican from Alabama) and our own state Attorney General Maura Healey (a hard-left Democrat) actually agree: marijuana.  Even though the drug has been decriminalized under state law, it is still an illegal narcotic under federal law.  Many of us are hopeful that a justice department under Jeff Sessions will enforce federal controlled substances law by shutting down pot-shops.  It would certainly be nice to get some help from D.C. for a change on family values here in Massachusetts!

Finally, in addition to commemorating the Sanctity of Life this Sunday, Monday is Religious Freedom Day. January 16 is the anniversary date of the passage of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom in 1776. Each year, the President declares January 16th to be Religious Freedom Day and calls upon Americans to “observe this day through appropriate events and activities in homes, schools, and places of worship.” This year, most appropriately, Religious Freedom Day coincides with Martin Luther King Day when we recognize and celebrate the life of an American icon who courageously stood for the freedoms of the First Amendment for all Americans, religious freedom being the very first. Please join me in praying over the next week, as we reflect on life and religious freedom, that the new president and administration will be a force for good in these areas as they’ve promised.

For our families,

andrew s full blue