Here is a quick checklist for you as a parent to review as your students head back to school this fall:

  • Know your basic rights as a parent.
  • Ask to see your child’s textbooks.
  • Exercise your right to have your child “opt-out” from aggressive sex education.
  • Does your child’s school allow boys to use the girls’ bathroom or locker-room based on the new Transgender Rights law?
  • Learn if there is a Gay Lesbian Straight Educational Network (GLSEN) in your child’s school.
  • Ask if your child’s school participates in the “Day of Silence”.
  • Is your child being shown “Channel One News” with its hyper-sexualized commercials?
  • Ask if your child’s school participates in the “Welcoming Schools” (homosexuality) or “SECS” (abortion) programs?
  • Get involved and learn how you can be proactive in your school.
  • Contact MFI if you find questionable materials in your school. We can help.

Click Here to download an easily printable PDF version of this checklist.