MFI is excited to introduce a new, updated resource for churches and small groups to learn how to impact our local culture. We have developed a biblically-based curriculum that educates and informs people of faith about the specific challenges to our family values here in Massachusetts. The class materials teach from the perspectives of scripture, culture, law and politics, and demonstrate how you can serve effectively as an advocate for our shared values.


Engage the Bay State is a 10-week video-based curriculum that focuses specifically on some of the most controversial moral issues of our day and their impact in Massachusetts.

The videos and accompanying study guide refer to recent events and issues in the Commonwealth that are at the core of our battle for Biblical truth.  In fact, much of the content is “ripped from the headlines.”  We use these examples as case studies on the state of our law and culture.  The class typically facilitates lively discussions as it guides you through applying Biblical truth and finding opportunities to engage in Christian civic stewardship.

Order the curriculum for your church or Sunday School:


(We are recommending a donation of $30 for the full curriculum and leader’s guide and $5 for each participant study guide in order to offset production and printing costs.)

You can also contact MFI at, or call 781-569-0400.


You can also get the Engage (English) book on Kindle here and the Engage (Spanish) book on Kindle here.

As a class leader, you will receive a teacher’s guide and access to all ten downloadable video sessions.  You can also order copies of the 200 page study guide for class participants. To preview segments from three of the sessions, watch the brief videos below:




We hope your church family will join us in this in-depth biblically based study on Christian civic stewardship.­­­­­