From its birth, America was founded on biblical principles. There was no confusion in the minds of the Founding Fathers about the role of faith in politics or about the critical role faith should play in the American democratic experiment. In recent years, however, Americans have been misled by the false doctrine that there must be a total “separation of church and state.” This is a completely false premise; this phrase does not even appear in the Constitution. Rather, the Founding Fathers were determined that citizens should have the freedom to choose how they worshiped God and that the state should not decide it for them.

The position that Massachusetts Family Institute holds is not a new one. Instead, it is confirming the foundational right of citizens to be free to practice whatever faith they choose. Furthermore, MFI believes that religious expression must not be limited in the public square, whether it is in the halls of the Statehouse or a public school. No government, law or court should deny prayers at graduation or in class, display of the Ten Commandments in courtrooms, or the inscription of In God We Trust on our currency.