There is no greater example of how political correctness has gotten out of hand than the banishment of the celebration of Christmas from the Public Square, and most especially public schools. Since 1893, all states and territories in America have recognized the holiday of Christmas Unfortunately, many people today believe that public displays of faith are at best politically incorrect and, at worst, unconstitutional. In reality, it is not the Constitution (or even the courts) that prevent the celebration of Christmas in public schools, businesses or public streets, but rather the ACLU and other “politically correct” organizations that wish to expunge Christian religious expressions form the public square altogether.

At Christmastime, remember to wish friends, family and even strangers a “Merry Christmas” instead of a “Happy Holiday.” Most will return it in kind and many will thank you for it. Encourage your church and church members to place religious holiday decorations both outside and inside their homes and churches. Be aware that children have the right to give religious gifts to their teachers and fellow students, just as government works and other employees may distribute religious greetings and gifts to co-workers.