Massachusetts Family Institute believes that sexual intimacy between a married man and woman is one of God’s most wonderful creations. Throughout human history, sex has been firmly linked to marriage and childbearing, but now the link is being broken. Overwhelming evidence, however, shows that sex outside of marriage increases the risk of both unplanned pregnancy and the contraction of sexually-transmitted diseases, as well as being the leading cause for abortions and failed marriages. The “sexual revolution” has left a trail of broken hearts and broken lives. MFI supports the sure and safe boundary of abstinence until, and faithfulness within, marriage.

In keeping with the Judeo-Christian values that our society was founded upon, MFI believes that all sex outside of heterosexual marriage is detrimental to families and that includes homosexuality. Our compassion is for those struggling with same-sex attraction, and we encourage the healing of individuals who wish to change their choice of lifestyle.¬†MFI strongly opposes any efforts by political activists to normalize homosexual behavior and all attempts to equate homosexuality with immutable characteristics such as skin color, or the “gay rights” movement with the civil rights movement.

Finally, human sexuality education belongs in the home where parents can teach their children based upon their own moral and religious beliefs. MFI is opposed to comprehensive human sexuality education in schools. Too often the particular agenda of a teacher, a school district or a special interest group dangerously distorts the message and exposes children to material they are not yet prepared to receive.