As I’ve been writing to you for some time now, the confusion and controversy in our culture surrounding issues of human sexuality and religious freedom are protecting-your-ministrypresenting unique challenges to the church.  This is why a growing part of MFI’s ministry is equipping pastors and church leaders with the tools and understanding they need to shepherd in the face of these challenges.

Last week, I met with a leadership team at a church in Lexington, and today I’m headed down to the RI border to meet with a half dozen pastors to try and answer some of their questions.  We’re definitely seeing an uptick in requests for help from churches on how they can protect their ministry against these threats to religious liberty.

That’s why I want to make sure you and your church leaders are aware of the MA specific legal guide we published with our national partners at Alliance Defending Freedom. It helps explain the threat of sexual orientation of gender identity discrimination law suits and what churches and Christian schools can do to protect themselves.  You can download a copy here.

In addition, please know that I am available to speak or meet with faith leaders to present the full context of these issues and answer many of the questions that invariably arise.  At MFI, we know that strong churches and strong families thrive together, and we’re here to fight for both.

For our families,
andrew s full blue