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The Truth About Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act

by MFI News

I’m sure many of you have been hearing reports in the news about Indiana’s new Religious Freedom law. We have been monitoring this situation closely, as the struggle to defend religious liberty in the Hoosier State has implications for all of us nationally. We will communicate more on this soon, but for now I want […]

Heather With Two Mommies Speaks Out Against Gay Marriage

by MFI News

You may have seen the article in Monday’s Boston Globe celebrating 25 years since the publishing of the infamous “children’s” book Heather Has Two Mommies, by Lesléa Newman. This purports to be the story of a little girl about to start day care, who is just like any other girl. She has “two legs, two arms, two eyes, two pets, […]

GOOD NEWS: Gordon College Stands Firm in Their Faith!

by MFI News

Two weeks ago, I wrote to you about Gordon College’s ongoing harassment by those who do not value religious liberty or diversity of faith when it comes to questions of sexual behavior. This week I have GOOD news to report. Despite all the media hostility and political pressure heaped on President Michael Lindsay and the college’s […]

Join Us THIS WEEKEND for Opening Night of “Do You Believe”

by MFI News

I want to introduce you to a couple of dear friends of MFI, Carl and Barbara Nelson.  Below is a two minute video telling the story of how they are combining their passion for movies and their heart for faith and family in Massachusetts to bring salt and light to the culture of our Commonwealth. […]

Serving Family Values for Breakfast on Beacon Hill

by MFI News

Yesterday morning, MFI staff hosted a legislative breakfast for state representatives, senators and aides at the Union Club, just across the street from the State House. At the breakfast legislators were briefed by MFI’s Director of Public Policy, Maureen Vacca, on this session’s legislative priorities for families and our shared family values. As we build relationships with legislators, […]

Gordon Under Attack in its Home Town

by MFI News

For months Gordon College has been attacked in the national media and in two nearby cities for its stand on sexual purity, but last night the insult came from the college’s own neighbors. Four of them, anyway.  Members of the Hamilton Wenham school committee voted (4-2) to not hold the high school graduation in the college’s chapel […]