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Fitchburg Stands Up to Pot Shops

by MFI News

Though our Commonwealth legalized recreational marijuana, here at MFI we continue to work with local community leaders to protect neighborhoods from pot shops.  We’re encouraged by a recent victory you can read about in the Sentinel & Enterprise: FITCHBURG — As the city moves full-steam ahead to process applications for cannabis businesses eyeing Fitchburg, residents […]

Federal Prosecutor Won’t Turn a Blind Eye to Marijuana

by MFI News

Good news this week from the newly appointed U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, Andrew Lelling.  In a statement released Monday, Lelling said, “This is a straightforward rule of law issue.  Congress has unambiguously made it a federal crime to cultivate, distribute and/or possess marijuana.  As a law enforcement officer in the Executive Branch, […]

Keep Pot Shops Out of Your Community

by MFI News

Several weeks ago, I had a call from a mother who had learned that two local middle school students had been taken to the emergency room for ingesting gummy bears laced with marijuana.  Should we expect to see more incidents like this?  Sadly, the answer is probably “Yes.”  Although it may have gone somewhat overlooked […]

Marijuana Law Partial Delay Gives More Time to Develop Local Response

by MFI News

We are glad to report that our efforts to get a delay in the marijuana law had an impact. Last week, just before the Legislature and Governor Baker left for New Year’s festivities, they passed a six-month delay of certain parts of the Marijuana Law. This prevents businesses that want to grow, process, distribute, and […]

A Lot of Money for a “Little Weed”

by MFI News

The Boston Globe reported this morning that the cost of implementing the newly passed recreational marijuana law will be close to $30 million in in its first year!  Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago we were all being inundated with campaign ads telling us how much tax revenue marijuana sales were going to bring in to […]