I am often asked the question, “Who is pushing the Bathroom Bill?”  Not surprisingly, most people are bewildered that this is now a major national issue and are shocked that people are getting fired for saying things that were universally accepted all of five minutes ago.  On Thursday night of last week, MFI’s Jonathan Alexandre went toe to toe with one of the main transgender spokespersons in MA.  You can watch the exchange here:

jonathan wgbh 2

Host Jim Braude questioned Jonathan how, as a person of color, he could support segregated bathrooms.  The transgender activist, a six-foot-four male who goes by the name “Lorelei Erisis,” has been a leading voice behind the Massachusetts Bathroom Bill.  But when Lorelei is not demanding access to women’s bathrooms in testimony at the State House or “raising awareness” about transgender rights, he apparently likes to engage in provocative photo-shoots.  A simple google search of his name, in preparation for Jonathan being on the show, brought up some rather disturbing images.  Some of them were apparently taken as promotional pictures for the “Cape Cod Dungeon,” run by an “Irish American Dominatrix.” These include an image of Lorelei groping the dominatrix, as well as the picture below, where he is apparently a victim in some sort of “adult play.”  And yet he scoffs at the idea that women would be afraid to undress in the same locker room with him.

Lorelei 2[3]

From “Lorelei’s” official website

Lorelei BDSM

“Lorelei” in the “Cape Cod Dungeon”


“Lorelei” promoting transgender equality

To be clear, we did not go looking for the worst example of trans-fetishism we could find to make our case.  This is a public spokesperson for the Bathroom Bill who Jonathan had to debate last week.  So, no, Jonathan and I would not want our mothers having to use the same bathroom with Lorelei, and to compare gender identity to race, as the host did on Thursday night, dishonors the legacy of the true civil rights movements.

There are reports that there will be a push to vote on the MA Bathroom Bill as early as next week.   PLEASE, call your legislator today and tell them to vote NO on House Bill 1577.

take-action-callFor our families,

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