Last week, we held a very successful press conference to oppose the bathroom bill before it was voted on in the MA Senate.  But there is a problem with this picture.  As one of the moms present said to me afterwards, “We should have FILLED those stairs!”  As moms usually are, she was right.

That’s why we are hoping to build on last week’s success by holding another press press conference stairs - smallconference in advance of the House vote (which could come as early as next Wednesday).  Would you be willing to come to the State House this Tuesday (May 24th) at 3pm to help us fill the stairs of the Grand Staircase and send a message to our legislators that parents and grandparents do NOT want our children exposed to the opposite sex in our Commonwealth’s bathrooms, locker rooms, public showers and changing areas?

Even though the MA Senate voted in favor of the Bathroom Bill, the real fight has always been in the House.  I’ve talked to many pro-family legislators who are committed to opposing this bill, but even they are telling me that most of their colleagues are hearing primarily from transgender activists.  We need to show them that we are adamantly opposed to this bill and that we are willing to gather in the heart of the State House to make our voices heard.  Will you join me? Let’s fill those stairs and send a message on Tuesday!

You can find directions to the Boston Commons Parking Garage here. To help you navigate the 2nd floor of the State House where the Grand Staircase is located, see this map on the state website

For our families,

andrew s full blue