The transgender bathroom issue is continuing to explode nationally with the Obama administration’s new dictate issuedno bathroom bill
this morning that seeks to require every public school in America to adopt cross-gender bathroom and locker room usage.

No child should be forced into an intimate setting like a restroom or locker room with a person of the opposite sex. Protecting young children from exposure to members of the opposite sex in such settings is not only legal, it’s an important duty of officials who watch over our children. Every child deserves a safe space, and it’s our duty as parents to fight for their right to privacy.

I will be discussing this issue and other current topics at tomorrow’s Iron Sharpens Iron conference in Worcester.

If you are interested in attending this men’s conference and still have not registered, organizers of this conference have offered to discount the ticket price for MFI supporters to their lowest registration of $47 when you use the code “MFI” at the door Saturday.  The leaders at Iron Sharpens Iron appreciate the values and mission of MFI, and they would like to encourage those of us who are in the front lines of the culture wars.  In addition, the men who register on site this Saturday at First Assembly of God in Worcester with the code “MFI” will receive a complimentary CD of my seminar, “Lessons From Daniel; Courage in Cultural Exile.”

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For our families,

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