Dear Friend of the Family,

This morning’s Boston Globe has a decent article on our fight against the Sex Ed Mandate on Beacon Hill.  I spoke to the reporter, Stephanie Ebbert, for about half an hour on the phone last week while waiting for a flight out of Logan.  The specific sex acts that the State Education Department wants to teach our children about are so vulgar that I had to keep looking around to make sure I was out of ear-shot of anyone in the terminal as I explained the many problems with this legislation.  I’m happy to see the reporter indicated that the bill “appears ready to die a quiet death for the fourth legislative session in a row,” and that legislators admitted their “[s]kittishness only increased when the bill was targeted by opponents last month.”  “Opponents” means all of YOU who called and emailed your state legislators.  Good job!  You’re right to push back against this kind of hyper-sexualization of our children because even federal studies show that so-called “Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs (TPP)” don’t really work.  You should decide what is taught to your child about sex, and when, not state bureaucrats.

I’m also excited to announce that as of today, MFI is opening up ticket sales for our October 12th Fundraising Banquet.  Our Keynote Speaker this year is Michelle Malkin.  Michelle is a highly motivating communicator who pulls no punches, and she was pushing back against this sex ed craziness before I had even been to my first banquet.  I know you’ll enjoy hearing from her this fall, with the midterm elections and the Bathroom Bill repeal only weeks away at that point.  We’ve sold out in years past, so please reserve your tickets today – and get the Early Bird discount price of $90 per seat which is available only until June 30th (full ticket price is $125).

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Thanks again to all of you who are working with MFI to make our Commonwealth a healthier place for families.  I hope you can join me in October to celebrate together!

For our families,