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What they want to teach our 12 year olds….

by MFI News

Dear Friend of the Family, This morning’s Boston Globe has a decent article on our fight against the Sex Ed Mandate on Beacon Hill.  I spoke to the reporter, Stephanie Ebbert, for about half an hour on the phone last week while waiting for a flight out of Logan.  The specific sex acts that the […]

Should these two have to share the same locker room?

by MFI News

We continue to make the case in the media for protecting the privacy of women and children against the transgender bathroom bill. Read the pro/con article in the Boston Globe featuring friend of MFI Margot Rogers. Margot makes the case that the privacy of true women like herself should not be invaded by men masquerading as […]

Let your faith enlighten the public square

by MFI News

As the nation observed Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, MFI’s Jonathan Alexandre wrote about the significance of King’s faith in his work for justice. Jonathan was also featured in a Boston Globe article last week where he discussed the transgender lobby’s hijacking of the civil rights movement. The Globe reached out to us to provide a […]