Dear Friend of the Family,

A few weeks ago, MFI wrote on highschool girls in Connecticut who are fighting back against the transgender movement’s aggressive attack on women’s sports. While we received tons of positive feedback from that post, a viral story this week reminds us that sports aren’t the only arena LGBTQ+ activists are invading. Just North of us, in Canada, a beautician’s business, livelihood, and reputation were destroyed by a transgender “woman.”

“Jessica” (born Jonathan) entered the beauty salon, still in full possession of his male genitalia, and demanded a Brazilian wax. Beauty shop owner Marcia Da Silva politely declined to wax his testicles for two reasons: 1) she was uncomfortable touching male genitals, and 2) she wasn’t qualified to conduct that service. Jonathan/Jessica then decided to file a complaint against the beautician (and several other spa owners who declined to wax his genitals). Eventually, after falsely labeling these shop owners as “neo-Nazis” and transphobic (an unconscionable yet common tactic employed by the transgender movement), at least one shop owner was forced to close her business.

While this incident occurred thousands of miles away, it should not feel so distant to us. The exact same situation has already occurred right here in Massachusetts. Last year, a biological man entered a female-oriented spa on the South Shore and demanded hair removal treatment for his entire body, including his testicles. When the female shop owner respectfully declined and recommended another shop that offered male waxing services, the transgender “woman,” instead, decided to file a complaint with the Massachusetts’ Attorney General’s office.

A common argument iterated by transgender activists hijacks the Libertarian idea that “as long as it doesn’t affect you, you should let me do what I please.” As we can see with these cases, as well as with the young athletes in Connecticut, though, the radical transgender movement does have a profound, direct effect on everybody else. Sadly, what used to be considered implausible has become a dangerous reality. These examples showcase perfectly the type of anti-family attacks we’ve warned for years would result from laws like the Bathroom Bill. The left and the mainstream media consistently dismissed us as fearmongers. Once again, when they are proven wrong, they simply double down on their agenda. Some astute cultural commentators describe this phenomenon as “The Law of Merited Impossibility: – It will never happen, and when it does, you bigots will deserve it.” That law rings true here in the Commonwealth. 

Massachusetts’ women are forced into an impossible choice: do I touch body parts that make me feel uncomfortable or lose my job? This is one of the many consequences of the misogynistic transgender movement, where laws are utilized by perverts to harass real women. A genital wax for a biological male masquerading as a woman shouldn’t come at the expense of real women’s safety and well-being, but in the Commonwealth, it does. And soon, the radical laws that have allowed this to happen in our state could become the supreme law of the land should Congress pass the “Equality Act,” a bill that prohibits any discrimination based on gender (that is, the gender you chose. Not your biological sex).

As with a lot of American politics, we operate on a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the next. Hopefully, soon, we will return to some sense of realism. As Catholic author Amy Wellborn argued,  “people are going to look back at this transgender moment in the same way they look back at the lobotomy movement… They’re going to be amazed and maybe a little embarrassed for humanity’s sake.”

But to get to that point in time, pro-family realists like us must do the hard work. We can no longer be forced into silence by the aggressive transgender movement. We must combat the egregious untruth that a person can deny biological reality, fluidly choose their gender, and then force everyone else into accepting the bizarre consequences. Please, contact MFI when these blatant attacks on personal liberty affect you or someone you know. I believe many Americans still value common sense and can recognize how crazy the transgender movement is when it’s exposed. Share your story with us, and help us shift the momentum back on this issue.

For our Families,