This story hit the news late last week, and Matt McDonald over at the New Boston Post has a good piece on it:

“A Christian fellowship was put on probation last week for forcing a junior who served as an assistant Bible course officer to resign because she embraced homosexuality, according to The Harvard Crimson.

The student leaders of the group, Harvard College Faith and Action, say they asked her to step down because of a “theological disagreement.” But college officials say the group violated the college’s student handbook, which says student organizations can’t “discriminate on the basis of … sexual orientation.”

The Christian fellowship didn’t do that. Nor is it a disputed fact, as the Crimson story makes clear:

“The woman, as well as four other members of HCFA, said they believe she was not asked to step down from her position because she is bisexual. Instead, HCFA leadership pressured her to resign because she chose to actively pursue a same-sex relationship, according to the woman and the four other individuals.”

In other words, Christians who belong to a Christian group told someone no longer living in a Christian way she could no longer have a leadership role in their group.

And for that, the group got suspended.”

Read the whole thing here

As the NBP article makes clear, this is a Christian group doing what Christians are mandated by scripture to do.  If they are punished by the school for that, how is this not anti-Christian discrimination?  I’ll keep you posted on how this develops, as cases like this have profound implications for our constitutional rights to freedom of assembly and free exercise of religion.

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