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Bathroom Bill Vote on Wednesday – Can you join us?

by MFI News

Friends of MFI, The Massachusetts legislature is preparing to pass one of the worst pieces of legislation on Beacon Hill, the Transgender Bathroom and Locker room bill. It has already passed the State Senate, and the House will be voting on the Bathroom Bill this Wednesday, June 1st. Even more discouraging is that the House voted […]

“Hold-it Healey” is only Trans-tolerant

by MFI News

The past two weeks in MA have witnessed the explosion of transgender power and hubris onto the political stage.  First, at a LGBT networking event in Boston, Governor Charlie Baker was booed off the stage by outraged transgender activists demanding that he come out in favor of a bill that would, among other things, allow men to […]

Getting their attention

by mafamily

Friends of the family, Our ads haven’t even been on the air 48 hours, but boy have they gotten the attention of the LGBT advocates for the Bathroom Bill: “Our opponents are getting desperate. The anti-LGBT Massachusetts Family Institute is flooding the airwaves with lies about the Transgender Equal Rights Bill” These are the words […]

Media campaign opposing Bathroom Bill begins Tuesday

by mafamily

July 12, 2011 For Immediate Release Media Campaign Opposing “Bathroom Bill” Begins Tuesday Protecting the Safety and Privacy for Women, Children and Students in Public Bathrooms Woburn, MA – MFI Action, the advocacy arm of the Massachusetts Family Institute, has launched a media campaign to educate citizens about the dangers of the Bathroom Bill, which […]

Maine court rules school not obligated to accommodate transgender student

by mafamily

The Penobscot County Superior Court ruled that a school district was not obligated to accommodate a transgender student access and use of the girls’ bathroom because Maine does not have a law requiring that transgenders have full access to public facilities. This is the same lawsuit that has been going on for several years in […]