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Daddy’s Boy Forced To Be Mommy’s Girl

by MFI News

This week, at a conference in D.C., I had dinner with Walt Heyer. You may recognize his name, as he was one of the first brave souls to speak out about “detransitioning.”  For almost eight years, Walt, born a boy, lived as a transgender “woman” – complete with surgeries and hormones.  However, he eventually realized that […]

Will you be considered a ‘highly rejecting’ parent?

by MFI News

Last week I attended a contentious meeting of the Westford School Committee.  They were considering adopting a new transgender student policy.  The content of that policy was, sadly, not surprising.  It contained the usual mandate for biological boys to be given access to the girls’ locker room and play on girls-only varsity teams.  It also […]

Fathers Matter

by MFI News

I don’t have many memories as a young child, but my earliest ones all have one thing in common—they involve my father. The warmth of acceptance, the growth during “teachable moments,” and the consistent feeling of safety were all regular emotions that I relate to childhood memories of my dad. Now, at 23 years old, I recognize that many of my […]