Will you help us protect our daughters, wives, and mothers from state sanctioned exposure to perverts and pedophiles in public bathrooms and locker rooms?  I’m not asking for money. (Although if you WANTED to donate to KeepMAsafe, you can do that HERE.)  We need your personal effort.  As of today, we have exactly 30 days to collect the 60,000 raw signatures needed to repeal the transgender bathroom law.  We cannot do it without your help.  Will you take some time THIS WEEKEND or next to gather signatures at your church or in your community?  Click HERE to volunteer to collect signatures or email us at info@keepmasafe.org to find out where you can sign.

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Right now, public school teachers are being instructed that boys who think they’re girls MUST be allowed to room with real girls on overnight school trips AND that parents cannot be notified, because it would violate the privacy of the GENDER CONFUSED student!

Our state bureaucrats DON’T CARE about the comfort, privacy or safety of our children.

  • The president of the MA state senate told us “transwomen ARE women,” so we shouldn’t be concerned if men who “identify” as women use the same locker room as our wives and daughters.
  • The MA attorney general told people like us, whom she deems the moral equivalent of racists for objecting to this “progress,” to just “hold it.” 
  • The MA legislature refused to adopt an amendment which would have exempted registered sex offenders from this law, with one representative even saying that sex offenders have “an extremely low rate of recidivism.”(?!)
  • Schools are saying repeatedly that a student’s “gender identity” must be taken at “face value” and that to question it or “mis-gender” someone is a “micro-aggression” that creates a “hostile environment.”

Our leaders have abandoned their posts, so it is up to us as citizens and neighbors.  This week, KeepMAsafe is sending a package keep ma safe logo - pink FINALof information to nearly 600 churches throughout Massachusetts with everything needed to collect signatures.  If every church on that list collected 75 signatures, our mission would be complete.  Will you ask your priest or pastor this Sunday if your church received the petition package and tell them you and a friend will volunteer to collect signatures after church?  If your church did not receive the package, PLEASE LET US KNOW, and we will send one out immediately. (If your church is hesitant to get involved, have them read theletter to pastors from Rev. Kris Mineau and remind your church leaders that “Houses of Worship” will not be exempt from this law.)

Again, it is up to us, fathers and mothers, to protect our families and our neighbors from this destructive rejection of truth and common sense.

Please help us by doing at least one of the following:

  1. Collect signatures at your church.
  2.  Volunteer to collect signatures in your community.
  3. Email us at info@keepmasafe.org to find out where you can sign.

If we work together, we can repeal this terrible law and show the liberal elites that we will not take this assault on our families and our faith lying down.

For our families,

andrew s full blue