My sources tell me the Bathroom Bill will very likely be voted on TOMORROW.  Beacon Hill shuts down for the rest of the year after Wednesday, so there is an all-out push by LGBTQ activists to get the Bathroom Bill passed.  Planned Parenthood is even jumping into the fray, organizing phone calls to legislators to push this transgender legislation.  So, yes, there really is a “vast left-wing conspiracy,” and it’s targeting our families.  This is our LAST CHANCE to push back and demand that legislators respect the privacy and safety of our families, particularly our children.  PLEASE, CALL the State House TODAY!

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Friends, in the month of November, it is critical for me to meet with donors and work to secure the finances of MFI as we approach the end of the year.  Instead, I have been fielding phone calls from friendly legislators, issuing press releases and drafting legal memos refuting the Attorney General’s claims on the Bathroom Bill and going on TV to debate this issue.  Would you please also consider making a donation TODAY to sustain our efforts?  You can give online to the critical work of MFI and keep the good fight going.

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For our families,
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