We learned yesterday that the bathroom bill is out of conference committee and on its way to the Governor’s desk.  It could get there as early as tomorrow, and, because the committee has added an “emergency preamble” to it, the law would go into effect as soon as the governor signs it.  That means your wife or daughter could be sharing a bathroom, changing room or locker room WITH A MAN as soon as THIS WEEKEND.  Although some provisions of the bill are delayed until October 1st, small businesses are immediately put at risk for criminal liability if they have any signage that is deemed “discriminatory” to an individual with gender confusion.  The original House version of the bill, which Governor Baker indicated he would sign, delayed implementation of the entire bill until there were regulations developed so parents, business owners, and patrons understood exactly how this radical law would work.  With this new version, we will be left to figure it out in court, or even in prison!

The bill is headed back to the House tomorrow for one more vote before it reaches the Governor’s desk.  Here is where you can help now:

Call your State Representative

Tell them to vote “NO” on this new version of the bill, as it effectively eliminates the limited safeguards they had previously put in place.


Call the Governor at his Boston Office at 617.725.4005 or his Springfield Office at 413.784.1200, and tell him to veto this bill if it comes to his desk.  He publicly told the legislature what version he would sign.  THIS VERSION IS FAR WORSE.  He should do the right thing and veto it.