As we communicated with legislators throughout the day today, we started getting word that the Counseling Ban vote was being delayed. By late this afternoon, we had confirmation that the bill has moved out of committee with a new number, HB 4014, but the earliest it will come up is now Monday. This tells me your phone calls are working, and because the House’s last formal session for the year is Wednesday of next week, if we can keep the pressure up we can stop this bill until at least 2018!

I encourage you to call your representative (see below) if you haven’t already and tell them they should vote “NO” on HB 4014 no matter when it comes to the House floor. So grateful for your help in this battle!

For our families,

Andrew Beckwith

FROM: Andrew Beckwith
SUBJECT: This is it! Counseling Ban vote TOMORROW

For four years now, I’ve been raising the alarm about a bill that would give the MA Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) the power to remove children from their parents if they received counseling for unwanted same-sex desires or gender confusion.  Last night I received a phone call that the MA House of Representatives is voting on it TOMORROW!  We all need to call our State Representatives today and get as many of our friends and family members as we can to do the same.  I know we’re all busy, but we’ve got to make them hear from us today that they cannot brand a Christian understanding of human sexuality as “child abuse.”

At the public hearing on this bill, which is the most aggressive of its kind so far in the nation, we brought testimony from people like Frank Agundes and Walt Heyer.  They both benefitted from this type of counseling and want to keep it from being criminalized so that others won’t be trapped in the confusion and depression they suffered.


The legislators apparently didn’t want to listen to these two brave men.  Instead, they are falling for the lies of Samuel Brinton, a national LGBTQ activist who has been pushing these kinds of bills with his unsubstantiated horror stories all over the country.  This brand new video exposes what he’s been doing:

Please call your State Representative right now.

And call Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo’s office at 617-722-2500

Tell them NOT to pass House Bill 1190, the so-called “Act relative to abusive practices to change sexual orientation and gender identity in minors.”

Already in Massachusetts, children are being encouraged to “transition” from one gender to the other and even get injections of synthetic hormones.  If a 15 y/o girl, for example, feels like a boy, she can get counseling on how to live like a boy, use the boy’s bathroom and locker room at school, get testosterone “treatment,” and even be steered towards a double elective mastectomy.  But if this law passes, parents who take that same 15 y/o girl to receive counseling to affirm her womanhood and to help her literally feel comfortable in her own body would be guilty of “child abuse.”

DCF has already unlawfully removed at least one teenage boy from his parent’s home because a social worker did not approve of the counseling he was getting and then placed him in an LGBT “affirming” home.  If this bill passes, there’ll be no stopping them.  Where will we turn if a loved one is struggling with their sexuality as they go through adolescence?  This bill will force parents to either not get their children help or else risk the state taking them away.  PLEASE, CALL TODAY!!

For our families,

Andrew Beckwith