CA Therapy Ban Defeated!

As promised, here is the link to MA primary voter guides for Tuesday’s election.  They cover all the contested races for state legislator, US Senate and Congress.  These are non-partisan and IRS compliant, so they can be distributed freely at churches.

For statewide races, such as governor and attorney general, our friends at Massachusetts Citizens for Life have important information here.  You may also want to review the articles on candidates at the Boston Broadside, the New Boston Post and the Boston Globe.

Also, we can begin our Labor Day Weekend with some SHOCKING news out of California!  The CA Therapy Ban, which some warned could also end up banning even the sale of Bibles, was pulled at the last minute today.  MFI’s counterpart, the California Family Council, has been doing tremendous work fighting this bill, and I’ve been in regular contact with their president, Jonathan Keller, as we both faced these similar bills.  After the CA bill passed in their state Senate two weeks ago, the battle seemed all but over, but today the bill’s sponsor announced he was pulling it.  What an answer to prayer!  Read more here.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to vote on Tuesday.