Well, it’s the day after the morning after and a chance to reflect on Tuesday’s election results. We in the traditional family values camp can rejoice about the national results with most of the conservative ma state housevictories in the Congress and State Governor races going to pro-life and pro-marriage candidates. On the top of the ticket in Massachusetts we had little to rejoice about, although Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito are a breath of fresh air compared to who almost won. However, we can give a round of applause for the nine new pro-family legislators who won House and Senate seats on Beacon Hill. We are in a marathon, not a sprint, to strengthen family values at the State House, and we are making good progress!

Regrettably, Question 3, the casino repeal, did not fare as well. Three years of painstaking work requiring two petition attempts, two signature drives and a State Supreme Court lawsuit to get on the ballot went down 60 to 40 percent before the voters. One can’t help but think that casino industry money loaded the dice on this election. The polls showed a near tie in early September but a $14 million TV ad campaign by Wynn Resorts, Penn National Gaming and MGM Resorts convinced the electorate that there was gold at the end of their illusionary rainbow.

Our kudos go to the Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran and Methodist Churches and the hundreds of pastors across the state who stood in the gap to fight the good fight against the gambling giants. MFI worked extensively with a number of these faith leaders and organizations, and we are most grateful for their strong stand in the public square. Although we did not win this battle, we are heartened to know that there is a growing number of pastors and churches who are not afraid to exercise their rights in taking on a political issue in defense of Judeo-Christian values.