You may have read about a disturbing development in California this past week.  A 6 foot 8, 50 year old man has decided to play college basketball… on the women’s team!

This summer, Robert Ludwig, who has undergone the same sex-change operation that MA convicted killer “Michelle” Kosilek is demanding be paid by taxpayers, had his birth certificate legally changed to read “Gabrielle Ludwig.”  That, and his two years of remaining college eligibility from a failed stint in college back in the 80s, has allowed him to share court and locker room time with girls as young as his daughter.

Regrettably, this is not something we can merely dismiss as West Coast lunacy.  As we have reported this Fall, the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) has implemented aggressive new transgender policies for all schools.  Rather than following the limitations of last year’s Gender Identity Rights bill, Commissioner Chester and the BESE have taken the ball and run with it into our children’s bathrooms and locker rooms.  They have adopted regulations that would require all public school girls’ teams in the Commonwealth to accept boys who ‘identify’ as girls.  In fact, this new policy, which was made without any public input from the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, is actually more radical than the policy for colleges in California.  There is no requirement for any hormonal treatment or surgery.  Any boy who “identifies” as a girl can force his way on to any girls’ team.

Here at MFI, we are continuing to work with pro-family legislators, parents and school committee members to stop this invasive policy.  We have already received multiple reports of confused young boys and girls using the opposite sex’s restrooms at public schools and have learned that teachers and administrators believe that the current law gives them the right to do so.  As we have previously reported, we believe that is a mistaken application of current MA law.  If you hear of any examples of this, please contact us so we can keep our young children safe.