Same-Sex Marriage

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Re-writing the history of same-sex “marriage?”

by MFI News

Fourteen years ago yesterday, the first same-sex “marriage” was officiated here in Massachusetts, as a result of the Commonwealth’s highest court unilaterally imposing the redefinition of marriage in the Goodridge decision.  Less than a decade later, 30 states had passed constitutional amendments defining marriage as exclusively the union of one man and one woman.  This […]

How to Talk to Your Kids about the Marriage Decision

by MFI News

Dear Fellow Parents, I share with you a most timely piece from John Stonestreet who serves with our good friend Eric Metaxas at BreakPoint and the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. We parents need to have a loving and constructive dialogue with our children on the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage. The Obergefell (pronounced […]

What does the marriage decision mean for us?

by MFI News

As the leading organization that has worked for over twenty years to strengthen families in the Commonwealth, we at Massachusetts Family Institute find today’s decision by the Supreme Court profoundly disappointing. There is overwhelming evidence that children do best and families thrive when they are sustained by the life-long union of one man and one […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Supreme Court’s Marriage Decision Undermines Rights of Millions of Americans

by MFI News

Massachusetts Family Institute | Media Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Lena Wakim | | 781.569.0400 Supreme Court’s Marriage Decision Undermines Rights of Millions of Americans  BOSTON (June 26, 2015) – Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision imposes a redefinition of marriage on the entire country, and in so doing has overstepped the bounds of the Constitution.  While this development will be met with […]

Marriage Primer: 5 Things You Should Know Before the Court Rules

by MFI News

Within the next 96 hours (Friday or Monday morning), we will be getting a decision from the U.S. Supreme Court on the definition of marriage.  No matter the outcome, this decision will have broad implications for the future of families in our Commonwealth and nation. As we prepare for the Court’s decision, here are a […]

Marriage On Trial

by MFI News

For two and a half hours Tuesday, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral argument on the question of redefining marriage.  The court considered two legal issues: first, whether there is a fundamental right to same-sex marriage, and second, whether a state must recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage […]

Heather With Two Mommies Speaks Out Against Gay Marriage

by MFI News

You may have seen the article in Monday’s Boston Globe celebrating 25 years since the publishing of the infamous “children’s” book Heather Has Two Mommies, by Lesléa Newman. This purports to be the story of a little girl about to start day care, who is just like any other girl. She has “two legs, two arms, two eyes, two pets, […]

MFI Weighs In on the Recent Supreme Court Decision

by MFI News

Yesterday, MFI President Andrew Beckwith discussed the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision on gay marriage with the local media. Monday, the Supreme Court chose to dismiss appeals in five states seeking to keep same-sex marriage bans, a move that gay-“marriage” supporters consider a victory but that MFI believes is evidence that the debate on marriage […]

Gordon College’s Accreditation at Risk Over its Biblical Stance on Human Sexuality

by MFI News

Today and tomorrow, the accreditation body of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges’ (NEASC) will gather for its September meeting.  On the agenda is whether or not to threaten Gordon College’s academic accreditation because of its Biblical stance on human sexuality. [Continue reading the background info below and CLICK HERE to email the […]

Same-sex ‘Marriage’ and Polygamy on the move

by mafamily

As 2013 comes to an end, it seems many of the implications of the breakdown of our law and culture surrounding marriage and family are playing out in accelerated fashion. Judges flaunt amendments protecting marriage and dismiss laws against polygamy.  What will it mean for religious liberty and freedom of speech as our society continues […]