This Tuesday, October 27, MFI staff will be heading to the State House in Boston to speak out against the horror that is physician-assisted suicide. Please assisted suicide orange pills webjoin us at 1 p.m. in Hearing Room A1-A2 as we stand up for those who will be victimized by HB 1991, “An act affirming a terminally ill patient’s right to compassionate aid in dying.”

Though euphemized with terminology like “compassionate aid in dying,” this bill would specifically target the elderly and disabled. Assisted suicide advocates call this “a right to die,” but in reality, this tells victims that they have an obligation to die.

We encourage you to be at the hearing, even if you don’t want to testify. Your presence will express to legislators that the people of Massachusetts want to protect its citizens. If you plan on testifying, let us know (you can call us at the MFI office: 781-569-0400) so we can help prepare you. If you’re unable to attend the hearing in opposition to the bill but would like to submit a testimony, feel free to contact our legal counsel, Jonathan Alexandre, for more information.