I have to admit, the “counterprotesters” at Saturday’s Defund Planned Parenthood rally in Boston were rather irritating, with their pink knit hats and loud snarky chants. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought so, since the police made them stop using their bull-horn. (The NewBostonPost described it as “Hymns vs. Obscenities.”) Unfortunately, that then meant the pro-life gathering I was asked to speak to couldn’t use their microphone and sound system. That’s why you see me standing on a snowbank, trying to shout over the chants of “keep your rosaries off my ovaries” and “pro-life men have got to go,” as I addressed our group.

I spoke of the hope of finally overturning Roe v. Wade if we could just get one more pro-life justice on the Supreme Court, and how I prayed that perhaps my children would not have to explain what an abortion was to their children, other than as a tragic and shameful part of history, like slavery.

As Father McNamara led us in prayer, I had to strain to follow his words amidst the cacophony of the abortion zealots. It was a microcosm of the Christian life in our culture- the great effort it takes to not let the truth get drowned out in the noise of taunts and competing narratives.  But, as one of the pro-life ladies shouted back, “You’re here because we are winning!” There is truth in that statement.  Planned Parenthood is scared, as they no longer have a loyal presidential administration to protect the millions of dollars in federal funds they are accustomed to receiving.

MFI is proud to be a voice for the unborn, and we will continue to stand for truth in the public square.

For our families,