Dear Friend of the Family,

Monday’s Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Infanticide Bill was a win for life. Over 700 pro-life advocates flooded the State House, many of whom testified before the committee, sharing the truth about abortion. This was one of the most highly attended hearings ever on Beacon Hill.

During the first few hours of testimony, another win for the pro-life movement ensued: Massachusetts Medical Society Vice President Dr. Carole Allen testified in support of the Infanticide legislation, but, when questioned, admitted she didn’t know what was in the bill!

A video of this shocking admission quickly gained national media coverage, including this Breitbart News article:


Two Massachusetts doctors said they support legislation that would eliminate a requirement for abortionists to provide immediate medical care to an infant who survives an abortion.

One of the doctors, however, said she was not familiar with that section of the bill, though she supports it…

Andrew Beckwith, a Massachusetts attorney and president of MFI, told Breitbart News… “So, when this doctor, who is the vice president of the Massachusetts Medical Society testifies that her organization supports this bill and is questioned on this provision, she’s unaware that it’s even in the bill…”

A second panelist, Dr. Luu Ireland, OB-GYN at UMass Memorial, WAS familiar with that section of the bill but echoed VA Governor Northam’s infamous infanticide interview meltdown by arguing that when a baby is born during an abortion, decisions about “the next steps in medical care” should be made “between a physician and the patient.” Ireland concluded by affirming that “[t]he goal of [S1209/the ‘ROE’ Act) is to take out language that ties the hands of physicians…”

Please help us spread the truth about this infanticide bill by sharing the video above and the Breitbart article with you church, friends, and neighbors.

MFI partnered with Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Renew Massachusetts Coalition, the Charlotte Lozier Institute, Students for Life, Americans United for Life, and Liberty Counsel to organize the tremendously successful pro-life rally held immediately before the hearing.

While we are encouraged by this fantastic showing, there is still much to be done to protect the pre-born, and we will keep you posted on the bill’s progress.