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Learn What’s Being Sent To Your Kids’ Inbox

by mafamily

During this time of national crisis, MFI has not wavered in our commitment to identify and defend against persisting threats to faith, family, and freedom.  In our latest video, MFI’s Director of Communications and Research, Mary Ellen Siegler, continues to educate families through the Massachusetts Informed Parents initiative.  Today, she exposes the type of sex […]

Defending Faith Family and Freedom During COVID-19

by mafamily

Support Religious Schools At MFI, we strive to support the ability of all parents to educate their children as they deem best.  That’s why we fight hard against anti-parent state mandates like the Sex Ed bill and encouraged families to make the most out of the current situation of schooling at home.  We also strongly […]

Corona Effect On Churches

by mafamily

As the Corona virus shut-down drags on, the threats to our religious liberties have increased alarmingly.  On Easter, multiple MA churches were told they could not hold even “drive in” services.  A number of local churches, on the other hand, were able to hold these types of parking lot, stay-in-your-car services with the appropriate social […]

Docs Weigh In, Trans-sports, Aid To Churches

by mafamily

Assisted Suicide and Corona healthcare rationing  Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with two veteran Massachusetts doctors about the Assisted Suicide legislation pending on Beacon Hill.  Dr. Thomas Sullivan, former president of the Massachusetts Medical Society, explained that the publicity surrounding the MMS’ recent change from opposition to “neutrality” on the question of Assisted […]