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10 Days Left to Keep MA Safe: We still need your help

by MFI News

Yesterday morning, I spoke with Fox News reporter Todd Starnes.  Our fight against the bathroom law here in MA has started getting national attention.  In this Fox News article, I discussed with Todd the threats to religious liberty, pastors and churches that this law will bring when it goes into effect next month. Can you share […]

Two weeks left, and we need your help!

by MFI News

Labor Day has passed, and the final stretch of our Keep MA Safe signature drive has begun! With only two weeks left until the deadline, we need your help to make sure all of these signatures are collected and ready to hand in to the town clerks. If you have any completed petitions, we need […]

Banquet 2016: Additional Venue Now Available

by MFI News

After receiving an enthusiastic response to our 25th Annual Fundraising Banquet this October 14 with Dr. Ravi Zacharias,ravi zacharias we have SOLD OUT of the 500 seats in the main ballroom. However, in order to make sure as many people as possible can join in the celebration, we have opened up an additional venue that […]

3,400 in Boston for Decision America

by MFI News

This past Tuesday, MFI staff joined 3,400 others in front of the State House to lift our voices in prayer for our nation and our Commonwealth. We were encouraged and blessed by the opportunity to worship God in our state’s capitol with so many other faithful citizens of Massachusetts. During his speech, Franklin Graham urged […]

New Rules on MA Bathroom Law

by MFI News

I had the opportunity to speak to a gathering of about 75 pastors this week on the issue of religious liberty.  Specifically, they wanted to know about the bathroom bill, and what it means for their churches and communities.  I explained the threat that it poses to “houses of worship,” as defined by the MA Attorney General and encouraged […]