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Even I didn’t see this coming…

by MFI News

As many of you know, I’ve been engaged in fighting against the Bathroom Law since I started with MFI in 2012, and I’ve spent far more time researching, thinking, and writing about this issue than I ever could have imagined. And yet, a breaking news story in yesterday’s New Boston Post revealed a consequence of […]

From KeepMASafe: No On 3 Releases First Campaign Ad

by MFI News

In case you missed it, Keep MA Safe came out with a new campaign ad for the Vote No On 3 effort to repeal the Bathroom and Locker Room Law. This is exciting news, and we look forward to ramping up public awareness of the dangers of this law. Check out the new video below, […]

They can’t make you say it

by MFI News

Dear Friend of the Family, After a sweltering end to the summer, it finally seems like fall is here.  For many of us, that means back to school.  One of the new challenges several parents have shared with me is their children being required to use the “preferred pronouns” of classmates in the throws of […]

Business owners: connect with new audiences at our banquet

by MFI News

Every year, nearly 500 guests from around the Bay State join together at MFI’s Annual Fundraising Banquet to hear from a dynamic speaker and to celebrate our nation’s traditional family values.  With so many supporters gathered at one event, we believe this evening is an excellent opportunity for local small businesses, services or ministries to […]