One hundred and twenty-two Massachusetts public schools are holding students as ‘captive audiences’ for the advertisements of Channel One News. Among these is the website (Warning: Highly Sexualized Content!), which delivers ‘teen news’ like: “August is Anal Sex Month”, “Ask a Naked Guy About Masturbation” and “Reader Hookup Confession.”

Apparently, Channel One gives schools TVs and SMART Boards in return for contractual obligations to show students their material for 12 minutes a day. Education advocacy groups have raised the alarm, but Channel One refuses to disclose which schools they operate in. We need you to help us by contacting your local school [Don’t know the phone number? Use embedded website below.] and asking if they show Channel One programming. Then report what you find out back to us using the form below, and we will take action to stop this unbelievable exploitation of our children!

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