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Six myths you will be told about the Bathroom Bill

by MFI News

There has been lots of movement on the Bathroom Bill this week.  First off, the New Boston Post was on top of this issue again with a great column by Andover State Rep. Jim Lyons, calling it a “battle of conflicting rights.” We’ve also heard feedback from other friends on Beacon Hill that your phone calls […]

The Real Agenda of the Bathroom Bill

by MFI News

It really isn’t just about bathrooms and locker rooms.  House Bill 1577, “the Bathroom Bill,” is intended to normalize transgenderism in every corner of our public lives.  Advocates for the bill claim that it is necessary to prevent discrimination in “public accommodations,” like restaurants and hospitals.  (For a glimpse at the clout this movement has on […]

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Tell your legislator “No Bathroom Bill!”

by MFI News

Transgender activists are holding their Bathroom Bill Lobby Day at the State House TODAY, demanding gender neutral access to all public bathrooms, locker rooms and showers in the Commonwealth. If House Bill 1577 becomes law, men will be allowed to shower with women and young girls in gyms, and school children as young as kindergarten will be allowed […]

Kim Davis is free… for now

by MFI News

While Americans all across the country were celebrating the last few days of summer freedom over the weekend, there was a case in Kentucky that may be pointing to the end of our long season of religious freedom in America.  Friday night I was on NECN talking about Kim Davis, a county clerk who was put […]