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No Taxpayer Funded Sex Change Operation for Convicted Killer

by MFI News

WOBURN – The United States District Court of Appeals in Boston has ruled that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will not have to pay for the sex change operation of a convicted murderer.  Robert Kosilek, who post incarceration goes by the name “Michelle,” is serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of his wife in […]

Keep Bathrooms and Locker Rooms Safe for Your Family

by MFI News

For the last several years, MFI has fought successfully against legislation such as the “transgender bathroom bill” to keep bathrooms and locker rooms (more formally known as “public accommodations”) safe for you and your families. Because of this, transgender activists have decided to change their strategy. Rather than aiming exclusively for state-wide legislation, supporters of the transgender […]

Report on Fatherlessness: Online Release

by MFI News

As we work to promote and preserve family values in our culture, we know we can’t put a price tag on the value of the traditional family as an institution.  But we are able to count the costs, both economically and socially, of family decline in our Commonwealth. And so, as part of our research […]