Legislators are once again moving in the Granite State to ensure that parents are notified when their underage daughters are considering an abortion. The House has approved the bill, with the Senate likely taking it up and approving it in the next month. Though a law was briefly on the books, it was declared unconstitutional by a lower court, but eventually upheld and repealed by the legislature and governor in 2007.

Before the public Senate hearing on the bill last Thursday, Rep. Kathy Souza, the chief sponsor of the bill, says “it touches on the whole culture of life, and the integrity of the family. They go hand-in-hand.” The new bill, HB 329, was approved by the House on a vote 256 to 102 and would require that the parents or guardians of a minor girl be notified 48 hours before she can have an abortion, providing for a judicial bypass as required by the Supreme Court

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