Voters in four states will get to do what the citizens of Massachusetts never got the chance to: vote on the definition of marriage. Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington all have the issue of same-sex “marriage” on the ballot. Without a marriage vote here in the Bay State, we must turn our prayers and our support towards our brothers and sisters in these states, especially our neighbors in Maine and our cross-country friends in Washington:

To have the most impact, I am personally appealing to you to do three things today:

  1. Pray for all four states, the marriage advocates and the voters.
  2. Donate to the efforts in Maine and in Washington.
  3. Contact friends and family in all four states and ask them to help.

When the definition of marriage is put to the people, the natural and traditional definition is always upheld – 32 of 32 states to date! We must continue this fight. Our future and our nation depend on it. Join me in supporting our pro-family friends in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.