When you have a home improvement project to tackle, you usually have two choices of major hardware outlets to get what you need: Lowe’s and The Home Depot. While both stores may appear to be very similar, they couldn’t be further apart when it comes to the homosexual agenda and gay marriage.

One would think that both of these stores would be more interested in what brands of drills and hammers to carry instead of advocating for radical social issues, and for one of these stores, that’s the case. But for The Home Depot, they have not only endorsed the gay agenda, they have become a leading advocate for it.

Their advocacy goes back at least three years, prompting pro-family groups like the American Family Association (AFA) to encourage men and women of faith to boycott the store. Last month, Home Depot Chairman Frank Blake dismissed more than 500,000 petition signatures presented to him at the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting. And just this month, The Home Depot marched in the Boston Gay Pride Parade.

Following the imposing of same-sex “marriage” upon the people of New York last week, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)—the nation’s largest pro-homosexual activist group—thanked its corporate sponsors for helping to make that “victory” possible. Among those partners is The Home Depot—their “secret weapon behind this incredible achievement.”

We are asking you to join us in boycotting The Home Depot for their ongoing support of the homosexual agenda. Inform your local store manager that you will no longer be shopping in their store until their blatant support of the homosexual agenda ceases.

Please CLICK HERE to download a one-page flyer that you can distribute to your friends, family and neighbors. Ask your pastor for permission to make the flyers available to members of your congregation. This company is no longer simply a supporter of so-called “gay rights”—they are leading the fight to impose same-sex “marriage!”