Mandate UnconstitutionalOn Monday, a federal judge in Virginia struck down parts of the newly enacted health care law commonly referred to as “Obamacare.” MFI was opposed to its passage early this year due to, among a number of issues, the inclusion of taxpayer funding for abortion.

Judge Hudson struck down the individual mandate, recognizing that no part of the Constitution empowers the federal government to command American citizens to spend their own personal money to purchase health insurance.

Family Research Council (FRC) applauded the ruling, but said it didn’t go far enough. “The judge failed to properly apply the Supreme Court’s rulings that under these circumstances he must strike down the entire Obamacare law,” said FRC Special Legal Counsel Ken Klukowski. “As explained in our brief filed in another Obamacare case, and as we will file in this case as it goes on appeal, the individual mandate is essential to a complex law. Striking down the mandate requires a court to strike down the entire statute and return the matter entirely to Congress.”