Speaker of the Massachusetts House Bob DeLeo really wants to ram the Transgender Bathroom Bill through Beacon Hill right now.  In fact, he is planning to poll state representatives THIS WEEK about whether they will vote for the Bathroom Bill.  Why the urgency?  Big Business is putting a lot of pressure on our local Speaker_DeLeo_2011government to sacrifice our rights to privacy and safety at the feet of their corporate political agendas.  The transgender lobbying organization “Freedom Massachusetts” is backed by dozens of insurance companies, law firms, big banks and San Francisco tech companies trying to force their values on all of us. Below are just a few of these corporate elites pushing the Bathroom Bill:


Particularly shameful is Planet Fitness.  Of all companies, they should be most vigilant in protecting the privacy of their customers.  However, they were involved in a scandal last year when one of their centers cancelled the membership of a woman who complained about a transgender man/woman in the locker room.  Yvette Cormier, pictured below on the left, said she was “stunned and shocked.  He looked like a very large man.  He did not look like a woman!” (The man, who goes by the name Carlotta Sklodowska, is pictured to the right below.)  It is no wonder that Ms. Cormier was alarmed.  However, Planet Fitness sided with the transgender movement and released a statement that their corporate “gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity.”

planet fitness bathroom bill

This is EXACTLY what the Bathroom Bill will force on our entire Commonwealth.  PLEASE, call or email your state representative today and tell them to VOTE NO on this terrible bill.

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