Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen several groups come out in support of the ROE Act – a bill that radically expands abortion – including Marty Walsh’s gang of pro-abortion mayors and a handful of labor unions.

Wednesday, however, pro-life advocates took another public stand against this Infanticide Act. MFI partnered with pregnancy care centers and advocacy groups from across the state to host Celebration of Life Day on Beacon Hill. Over a hundred supporters came together to show state legislators that they affirm life, support women, and oppose the ROE Act.

Celebration of Life attendees applauding guest speaker Claire Culwell

The celebration included testimony from an abortion survivor, Claire Culwell. Claire moved many to tears as she shared the story of her miraculous survival after her birthmother underwent an abortion that killed her twin in the womb. “We need people like you,” Claire said to the audience, “to stand in the gap for people like me.”

After Claire’s moving story, New Mexico attorney Mike Seibel stood before the crowd to share his expert legal analysis of the bill. Mike is currently prosecuting an outpatient abortion facility where a young woman was killed after New Mexico passed a law similar to the ROE Act. He explained how deregulation of abortion facilities in his state cost this woman her life. Mike warned, “If you pass the ROE Act… [women] will be denied certain protections that are available in hospitals.” (This is an important point that supporters of the ROE Act refuse to acknowledge: this bill does not support women. It actually limits a woman’s access to safe abortion by taking her out of the hospital setting where there is necessary, life-saving equipment).

The day concluded with a celebratory birthday cake to rejoice in the God-given right to life. MFI also assisted our friends at Renew Mass. Coalition to deliver hundreds of “Say No To Roe” petitions to each and every legislator. We made sure they got the message: citizens of the Commonwealth do not support the ROE Act.

We do, however, unwaveringly support women and children in need and
the vital work of pregnancy care centers, which was showcased throughout the event. Hopefully, our representatives start to realize that supporting women is a much more loving approach than denying our most vulnerable their basic right to life.

Representatives from Pregnancy Care Centers answering questions about the services they provide